Better Collective is adding Gamalyze to all of its product offerings to enhance player protection

The detection of gaming problems on different iGaming sites has now been improved through the launch of Gamalyze announced by Better Collective. Mindway’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based self-assessment tool gives visitors the ability to take a test that can help in the detection of gaming problems. The news comes at the right time as the gaming industry continues to grow, and it is necessary to have available any tool capable of providing a safe and responsible game.

Gamalyze is a virtual card game that is made available to players online where they try to maximize the profit as much as possible. During the game, the tool analyzes the decision-making process using validated neuroscientific principles. With the results of the analysis, a deep insight into gambling behavior can be obtained, and key features associated with problem gambling can be more easily identified.

“Responsible gambling is a very important part of our business philosophy. By implementing Gamalyze on our websites, we give visitors an opportunity to test their gambling habits and find out if their gambling behavior presents as fun and entertaining, as it should be, or if it is potentially problematic,” Jesper Søgaard, CEO and Co-Founder of Better Collective, said. is reported to have been one of Better Collective’s first sites to launch Gamalyze. The idea is that in the coming period more platforms can be added to the equation.

There is no doubt that Mindway AI provides a range of solutions for the gaming industry that help to identify, prevent and intervene whenever risky situations and problem gambling are involved.