The Choctaw Casino & Resort has hired artificial intelligence to assist its customers

Customer service is one of the highest priorities of the casino industry. If it weren’t for customers, strong revenues wouldn’t exist, something Oklahoma’s Choctaw Casino & Resort is well aware of. Now, its restaurant service has gotten a noticeable upgrade thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). Three AI-based robots will soon be able to bring drinks and food to guests’ tables and return dirty dishes to the kitchen after a meal.

In order to accomplish all these tasks, high-tech robots will use AI and different cameras with sensors. “They spend 15 hours on a four-hour charge,” said Harold Johnson, regional director of food and beverage for Choctaw Casino. He added, “They have 13 cameras and the nice thing about them is that they have AI, so they’re also learning. After about two to three weeks of acclaim, they can move the way you want them to move among the customers.”

Through a Facebook post, the complex made it clear that the robots are not replacing staff, but will be extra help to do their job faster and better. The robots have the ability to speak more than 80 languages and even sing “Happy Birthday” to guests celebrating at the casino.

Gary Batton, head of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, says an adventure like this is extremely exciting, especially seeing how today’s technology is able to take customer service to the next level. “Bartenders love them because they can tend the bar. Servers love them because they can service, and bussers love them because now they don’t have to carry all those heavy plates back to the kitchen,” Johnson added.