AIOps and AI-based IT management solutions allow online casinos to operate more securely

Any company with a presence on the Internet has to be concerned with security, and online casinos and gaming platforms are especially at risk. When it comes to introducing new features, games and characteristics, there is an inherent need to put the software through rigorous testing to determine any vulnerabilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) has already shown that it can make this job easier, and AIOps incorporates the technology into its solutions, allowing online casino operators one more layer of protection.

AIOps is a business solution that gives IT departments and software the ability to operated and monitored by AI-based tools. It allows the entity to provide more rapid identification and resolution to IT issues, including security breaches and potential failures, and has become a popular solution for companies that operate in the cloud. Liam Rogers, a research analyst at 451 Research, explains, “Ultimately AIOps will be used to improve monitoring and incident response through gaining deeper insights and greater automation to address various operational challenges.”

AIOps is the next step in the evolutionary cycle of IT security following DevOps and can easily be integrated into any activity that might impact the user experience or business outcome. While it is still a nascent application of technology, it is predicted that AIOps will ultimately be combined with 5G technology, which would provide huge benefits to the online casino industry.

Adds Rogers, “We see organizations leveraging AI/ML (machine learning) enhanced tools to meet a number of needs, including improving correlation across previously siloed datasets such as logs and metrics. This will remove the manual task of setting thresholds and also augmenting simultaneous adoption of other new technologies, such as Kubernetes monitoring.”