New technology allows casinos to offer a safer environment

For some people, a gambling venue that invests a lot of resources in enhancing security can tend to hamper the guest experience. However, a leader in retail software and technology, VSBLTY, is trying to change that perception through the newest software and analytics devices it has been introducing to the market. Artificial intelligence (AI) based pilot programs are being tested in a casino located in Michigan, and this pilot program is using several technologies like facial recognition and other proprietary platforms that could even identify the presence of assault weapons among visitors.

One of the features VSBLTY is offering that is posing as an industry breakthrough is the proprietary object recognition, which can be useful to detect assault weapons and other objects that might be of interest to the casino security. For VSBLTY CEO Jay Hutton, this is a new way of using AI and machine learning to improve security and surveillance and that can be integrated to the marketing department, as well.

“The pilot integrates all aspects of our technology portfolio, using Proactive Digital Displays with our three software platforms, DataCaptor, VisionCaptor, and VSBLTY Vector,” said Hutton. “This software is designed to not only enhance the guest experience, but to create a virtual perimeter around the casino floor to analyze player behaviors, further gamify player engagement, all while augmenting security operations [at the casino],” he added.

The solution uses modules that gather data like age, gender, dwell time and sentiment to measure and identify the audience. It works in real-time and even in the presence of large crowds, and provides additional enhancements besides safety. Interactive touchpoints like marketing messages are included to keep guests informed of any offers, while also giving customers management information regarding security and other aspects, all in one single app.