Artificial intelligence will give the gaming provider additional leverage in the iGaming ecosystem

Symplify, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and CRM cloud solutions, seems to have started the year with a new ally that relies on its efficient services. SoftMaya, a provider of online and offline gaming software, wants to maintain a cutting-edge platform in every possible aspect and claims that this new partnership with Symplify will help it meet that goal in the competitive iGaming market.

SoftMaya has worked hard to operate several successful brands in the industry, providing solutions that define iGaming and help users access the most sophisticated level of gaming available today. Rock ‘n’ Reels is considered the company’s flagship brand.

While the system seems to be doing great as is, each of the brands running under a SoftMaya tag solution will now receive an extra boost thanks to the arrival of Symplify’s powerful AI-driven personalization model. Through this solution, brands will be able to more effectively match the needs of players across their offerings.

Both casino and sports lobbies enjoy this solution, which has become a powerful ally to further optimize the experience from the moment players engage with the brand, to the later stages of establishing themselves as a consistent customer. Both firms will seek to increase their lifetime value and customer trust.

Robert Kimber, CEO of Symplify, said the company and its team are extremely grateful and excited to be part of SoftMaya’s brand portfolio. “It revolutionizes the way in which we can understand user behavior and then positively adapt website experiences to meet player preferences,” added Kimber.