Automated service solutions allow casinos to free up manpower and resources

The rise of the machines similar to what was seen in the movie The Terminator isn’t likely to ever happen, but it is definitely true that robots are becoming more common. This has been facilitated greatly by the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), and the technology is finding a lot of support from the casino industry. From cleaning to dealing, AI-based robots are allowing casinos to free up resources that can then be used to target other aspects of the business.

A number of casinos have already begun testing the use of automated AI-based machines for the delivery of beverages. They are augmenting the work done by human bartenders and wait staff, allowing these to focus on improving the customer service and interaction the property provides.

The idea of a robot croupier may not appeal to some gamblers, but it is definitely catching on, especially with younger customers. These have the benefit of not being susceptible to cheating, and the built-in AI allows them to easily and quickly identify possible cheats, as well, which saves the casinos money and keeps all gamblers happy.

This same anti-fraud AI is also finding its way to robot security guards capable of patrolling casino floors. They can use integrated video cameras their AI algorithms to track gamblers’ behavior, easily spotting suspicious activity that might need to be investigated by a human security officer.

Despite the continued introduction of AI solutions in casinos, there’s little chance that these will ever completely replace humans. There are a number of advantages human employees offer that robots never will; however, the automated options can work in tandem with their human counterparts to make the casino experience more enjoyable and safer for everyone.