Operating in the cloud gives iGaming operators more flexibility and security through AI tools

The iGaming industry has always been a pioneer when it comes to adapting the latest and most advanced technologies. The sector has come a long way from when it started in the 90s, and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality are being used to enhance all operations. The introduction of cloud technology makes things even easier, and adding an AI component to the cloud platforms serves to offer more features and security.

Nowadays, one of the things that people consider whenever they sign up for online gambling is the integrity of the platform. They no longer consider only the best bonuses and offers, but also the efficiency and accessibility. While many are quick to download gambling apps for easy gaming access, cloud gaming can provide an even better experience, especially since both parties benefit from cloud gaming. Through cloud technology, people who are in jurisdictions that are restricted from accessing gambling sites are able to play casino games through remote servers without having to worry about its legalities.

When it comes to sports gambling, AI-driven cloud technology is also responsible for in-game or in-play wagers. This form of gambling has been available for a while, but hasn’t advanced as much until AI-based cloud technology arrived. Previously, bookies had to rely on terminals that they distributed to physical sites to accommodate real-time betting, a costly undertaking. However, because of AI and cloud technology, the servers can be located virtually anywhere, providing seamless access and heightened security to all users.