Artificial intelligence is giving iGaming companies greater tools to target their marketing efforts

The competitive market in the iGaming industry has begun to re-emerge as the pandemic subsides, and this means the challenge of creating a voice is highlighted. Fortunately for many online casinos, AnyWord, an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting software platform, offers operators enhanced brand messaging that interacts with players. It is no secret to anyone that proper communication with users is relevant if you really want to have a leading position in such an industry.

A platform like this is essentially useful for new online casinos that must compete with operators who have their own expertise. This can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

Today, it is more important than ever for brands to communicate with the right words at the right time. The tools offered by AnyWord help online casino operators find their brand voice while leveraging data and optimizing strategic projects to align with their objectives, channels, and audiences.

In conjunction with its vast marketing and data sets, AnyWord’s AI is able to design brand messaging, communication style, tone of voice, taglines and copy that connects more deeply with the audience. Through language analysis and computational linguistics in the messaging application, a startup has the ability to generate personalized and engaging messages in a more efficient and less costly manner.

AnyWord’s natural language processing and AI script generator are also valuable in being able to create a scoring system that classifies and creates text according to its potential marketing effectiveness. This being the case, marketers in the iGaming industry have the ability to create optimal campaigns with less cost and time consumption.