Casino marketing is becoming easier and more efficient in targeting consumers

Casinos often spend a lot of resources attracting the most valuable customers who tend to come back again, but in order to do so, operators must appeal to their emotions. Keeping a player engaged takes more than just having a great selection of casinos games, patrons tend to have other needs while playing like eating or drinking, or even enjoy other non-gaming attractions like entertainment shows. All those features are carefully thought to offer the best experience to customers, and the future brings even more resources for marketing departments with the implementation of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), which are poised to reshape the way marketing is done.

When it comes to retaining customers, AI is bringing along one of the most ancient forms of interactions between people: voice. Particularly on online casinos where gamblers might not get as much attention as they would in a land-based casino, voice assistants are quickly changing that. Gamblers now have access to more information, better games and promotions just by asking the assistant for them. Marketing departments are integrating the many techniques they already use for casinos, such as offering rewards or sending event invitations to these voice assistants that continue to learn and improve on the service they provide.

AI is also playing a major role in marketing departments as agents are now able to have access to more data about what customers would like the most and act on it. This capability is also being mixed with VR and augmented reality features that marketers are starting to use to introduce a virtual layer into the real world. VR, for instance, is offering tools like virtual trips, virtual casinos, virtual social lounges, which are all helping raise awareness among customers who are getting a more personalized service that will lead to them becoming loyal customers. Instead of customers trying to use ad blockers or clicking out of ads as quickly as possible, VR marketing campaigns have that innovative component that can make customers pay more attention and get the message.