Artificial intelligence will drastically alter online gaming over the next couple of years

Online services, in general, are poised to become the new giants in the business world during this decade, and that includes in the online gambling space, as well. According to a new study published by Global Market Insights, a market research firm, the global online gaming market is expected to experience massive growth in revenue over the next few years, mainly due to the adoption of smartphones and the improved Internet infrastructure that will facilitate access to more and faster services. Additionally, more efficient Internet services also allow the development and implementation of new technologies in the sector, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), which are believed to be at the center of most future developments in the industry. The result is an online gambling market worth over $160 billion in just six years.

Features like VR, 3D Animation, Live Table Games and mobile-friendly casino games are poised to propel the market over the next five to six years. According to the report from Global Market Insights, by 2026, the market will exceed the $160-billion mark by the end of 2026. This growth will have AI and machine learning solutions, such as chatbots to serve customers and machine learning that will learn like never before what exactly customers want, featured at the forefront. Another aspect that will drive the future of the online gaming industry is the cashless payment through the arrival of convenient, fast and secure payment methods brought by the integration of cryptocurrency.

After more traffic was driven to online gaming services due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, operators are trying their best to maintain that volume of people actively playing on their casinos or sportsbooks. To achieve this, casinos need to mimic as much as possible the experience offered in a land-based casino, which is something gaming developers are already working on with VR slot machines and the current development of virtual casinos. These are expected to bring the social interaction and general atmosphere that typically attracts people to physical locations and that online casinos are still not able to offer.