ACR is enhancing its AI development to clean up the tables

One of the issues that online poker operators have to constantly deal with comes in the form of bots, software used by some poker players determined to cheat at the tables and give themselves an unfair advantage. Operators who are vested in customer satisfaction and poker integrity take the issue seriously and continuously investigate their networks to uncover any signs of bot activity. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes this job a lot easier, and leading online poker site Americas Cardroom is taking it to an entirely new level. The introduction of a new AI-based system configuration is going to render poker bots and real-time assistance (RTA) useless.

Explains the Game Integrity Team from Winning Poker Network,

“Our focus in the near future will be to build up a better place for poker players to play by tackling early any threats to our community. This will come through constant review and improvement of our methods and development. Now counting on Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew among our ranks, we are also getting his unique perspective to make sure we are headed in the right direction.”

Software developers at ACR are constantly updating the platform in order to improve enhance the user experience. Most users don’t even notice the changes since they’re subtle in nature, but alterations to the software being introduced soon will include updates in the pixelation, which will result in bots and RTA being unable to interpret the site’s code to be effective. This is a game-changer for ACR, as well as the online poker ecosystem, and will go a long way toward eliminating artificial and illegal tools.

Bots and RTAs rely on the graphics presented by the poker client to be effective. When changes in the graphics and pixilation are introduced, those tools can no longer function. They cannot collect and analyze hand data, becoming useless and ineffective. ACR is planning on rolling out its new, groundbreaking solution this Wednesday, February 17.