The ability of AI to quickly interpret data means casinos can offer a more robust gaming experience

A few years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was related to humanoid robots and science fiction stuff; however, AI-powered features continue to be added to today’s society to the point that major changes are being perceived. AI has come to take over a lot of functionalities that are currently performed by humans and, also, improve several of them. The gambling industry has been taking advantage of the many functionalities that AI has available to improve the user experience and, at the same time, engage gamblers for longer periods. With the ease with which casinos – especially online casinos – add new games, it is hard to find out which one a person would like the most. However, AI removes all the guesswork.

The impressive capacity of collecting and processing large amounts of data to provide insightful analysis is one of the truly great advancements that AI has brought to the gambling industry that, until now, didn’t do a lot of things with the large amount of information that was already being collected. There is AI software that is tracking customers’ habits regarding what type of game they play the most; for instance, if it is online slots, then the machine pays attention to the number of reels and whether someone prefers free spins or cash bonuses, including how much money a person spends on a bet in average, among many other things. By using this data, AI machines have the capacity to predict what other games a customer would like with great accuracy. Basically, AI knows what games a person likes before they do.

Once the machine has all the data it deems necessary, it can start to make assumptions based on the customer’s behavior. If the player is slowing down, then it means he or she is probably bored, so the data is used to offer another game that could also be interesting for that specific player to try. This enhances the user experience, but also provides a buffer for the casino to ensure that they are maximizing their entertainment capabilities at all times.