Advances in AI make it a highly useful and powerful tool to enhance casino protection

Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) are closely related. AI techniques can be used to improve the cybersecurity and resilience of products, services, systems and thus of businesses and society. Many casinos in the iGaming industry have realized that their systems security department can be even more effective when working with a tool such as AI.

Cybersecurity is one of the many uses of AI. Studies indicate that it takes almost 200 full days to recover from any data breach. iGaming operators can use AI to avoid both financial and time losses. AI provides information that allows companies to easily understand threats, which reduces response times and brings companies into compliance with security best practices.

On the other hand, machine learning (ML) helps recognize patterns in data so that machines can learn from experience. So, by leveraging cyber threat intelligence, ML and AI, online casinos can respond to issues quickly and confidently.

The combination of AI and ML can help iGaming operators identify threats and quickly find links between potential risks. This form of detection removes human error from the process.

Thanks to ML, AI can adapt and learn from experience and patterns rather than cause and effect. In fact, it is now possible for machines to teach themselves. It means they can create models for pattern recognition instead of waiting for humans to develop them.

AI is trained to process large amounts of data, which means it has a better understanding of cyber threats. After that, AI in cybersecurity leverages reasoning to determine various risks, like suspicious addresses, strange files, and more, before initiating appropriate solutions.