AI offers a lot of benefits to iGaming operators to improve consumer interaction

Gambling refers to those games in which chance is what determines the results, the achievements, and in which, therefore, no previous knowledge or skill is required, nor the development of any strategy to achieve success. In this scenario of expansion, the US shows different levels of regulation to promote responsible gambling. Different operators in the iGaming industry continue to opt for artificial intelligence (AI) to make their environment much safer and more responsible for their players.

AI has already reached the betting houses. It is a solution capable of learning from each player to offer personalized bets based on their behavior, trying to prevent the player from being affected. AI can analyze information related to a person’s gambling habits and identify certain patterns of behavior that could be the symptoms of an addiction.

In these cases, the software notifies the casino. The casino usually takes drastic measures ranging from a block to this person’s account and an offer of help to help them overcome their problem. In addition, AI is also used to create better auto exclusion programs.

Through these programs, people are able to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling sites and online platforms to help them stay away from temptation. These programs actually depend on the discipline and willpower of each individual.

However, AI can play an important role as it can monitor people’s behavior and look for patterns that may suggest a relapse. All this can be analyzed to subsequently create less-addictive games.

AI accomplishes this by designating “play sessions” of limited duration. This means that the game can only be played for a certain amount of time before it crashes. As a result, players do not become engrossed within a game and are encouraged to take more consistent breaks.