The benefits of AI in improving iGaming operations spread across the entire industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has undergone dramatic development in recent years, and more and more industries are using it to take advantage of all the automation benefits it offers. The iGaming industry is no different. A decade or two ago, most people would have been hesitant to put their data and credit card information on an iGaming website. This was due in part to the lack of security measures and privacy concerns. But the landscape has changed significantly from the first iGaming websites created.

Today, the implementation of AI has provided players around the world with all sorts of benefits that they could not enjoy without it. The implemented AI can detect cheating, hacking attempts, fraud and even genuine-looking phishing attempts. It also encrypts all data sent and received automatically so players don’t have to worry about their data being stolen, even if they access the platform over a public Wi-Fi network.

While humans who are good with numbers can create fairly accurate statistics, they are no match for an advanced AI algorithm. And it’s not just the statistics, but also the user experience data that is analyzed.

Similarly, AI analyzes large data sets from all users on a website to determine how it can improve the experience. It compiles the data into an easy-to-read spreadsheet with percentages and relevant information to help web designers and developers create better games, more intuitive menus, and more.

A major problem that video games and iGaming have faced is the fact that some users tend to spend much more time glued to the screen than necessary. AI is here to solve this problem with a simple and robust technique. Whenever it detects that a player is betting too much or too often, the algorithm can temporarily suspend his or her account automatically. It can also send him or her useful links to get some help and combat that self-destructive behavior.