AI is now one of the major attributes of online casino operations

Gambling, like any other industry, is undergoing a massive technological transformation. With millions of gamblers shifting to the web from land-based casinos, eGaming is the future of gambling. These changes are mostly attributed to technologies that make it easier for gamblers to play online casino games conveniently and safely. And as the Internet becomes even riskier for gamblers due to the prevalence of cybercrimes, the need for hi-tech security measures has never been more important. Artificial intelligence (AI) is providing that protection, but is also helping in a number of other ways, as well.

AI is widely used in virtually all online casinos today. Predictive modeling and machine learning (ML) can recommend games to gamblers on other sites they frequently visit. Similar to what is seen on YouTube, where video recommendations are based on genres viewers watch often, gaming sites adopt the same technology for easier and faster navigation on their own platforms. Live chat is another facet of AI that is gaining traction rapidly in online casinos. Even if there is a bot on the other end of a live chat session, gamers can still receive vital and accurate responses to their questions.

AI is also going to make it easier for online gaming to come to smartphones. An innovative aspect of smartphone technology for the iGaming space is the ability for users to play live casino games. According to recent announcements, upcoming features of Android 12 will make it possible to stream gaming sessions on YouTube and other video channels, enhancing the experience. As more powerful smartphones are introduced, the iGaming industry will continue to grow exponentially.