AI-based marketing solutions are helping iGaming operators improve their customer focus

Businesses in the iGaming industry have already noticed how digital marketing strategies have become more and more diverse over the past decade. Starting with a greater focus on social media, digital marketing has moved more towards SEO, content marketing, visual marketing and now, artificial intelligence (AI). Many operators in this growing market have used AI in an effort to better quality their brand awareness and get more attention from potential players.

Digital marketing is a haven for data and analytics. Social media, in particular, gives businesses a wealth of information about the audience they are interacting with. But as marketers know, data alone only tells half the story. Many iGaming operators also need to understand how this data can be used to improve audience engagement and reach new target markets.

This is where AI comes into play. One of the most positive ways AI positively affects marketing strategies is by efficiently extrapolating, as well as processing data, to improve consumer understanding.

AI will process the data given to it and create a useful profile of the player in order to personalize marketing messages. It can also help create static or dynamic audience segmentation that will allow tracking the customer journey across different iGaming platforms.

Chatbots help in the decision-making process of a potential customer. The ones that work with rules have a series of predetermined questions and answers but cannot perform complex conversations.

However, the more sophisticated chatbots available for online casinos now focus more on processing language. They have the ability to learn from their interactions with players and improve the experience for them, as well as increase their database.