iGaming operators improve their marketing efforts dramatically through the use of AI

Technology has brought about great changes when it comes to promoting products and services and impacting customers. This has been enabled by the emergence of innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI). This is a very useful tool in digital marketing, considering that currently, a large number of operators in the iGaming industry use some form of this technology to generate digital sales and at least a couple of players have interacted with a chatbot without even knowing it.

AI and digital marketing are two concepts doomed to understand each other. AI is that technology whose objective is the development of systems or devices capable of thinking like a human being and imitating their reasoning. This is applicable to many sectors, including marketing.

Marketing is based on the collection and analysis of customer data in order to design effective business strategies. AI is capable of performing these tasks in an automated and reasoned manner. Therefore, it is of great help throughout the marketing funnel.

One of the great desires of any online casino is to know the players’ preferences in order to offer them products and/or services accordingly. Moreover, what is sought is not only to know the needs, but to anticipate them.

AI in digital marketing is capable of predicting future needs of an emotional nature. It does this through tools that are capable of analyzing behaviors and elaborating behavioral patterns based on the traces that users leave on different gaming platforms.

The possibility of segmenting the public based on their tastes and emotional needs allows iGaming operators to carry out more intelligent advertising campaigns capable of improving marketing results and applications. It is not only about offering the right product for each player profile. AI-based marketing also seeks to advertise at the right time, through the most effective channels and with personalized messages that make each customer feel unique.