AI is allowing iGaming operators to easily target problem gambling

Addiction to gambling and gaming, in general, is one of the problems facing many Americans today, in some cases with serious economic and social consequences. Compulsive gamblers, those who, despite the damage they cause themselves, are unable to set a limit on their own, are now being helped by artificial intelligence (AI). iGaming operators have decided to seek help from this technology to implement a much safer platform capable of putting a stop to gambling addiction rates.

It has become more than clear that AI has arrived in online casinos. This system is able to learn from each player to offer personalized bets based on their behavior, even if those ‘offers’ are not necessarily to the player’s liking. Several online casinos have already implemented AI-based platforms so that players, after having been analyzed by the same technology, have to take mandatory breaks and are educated about their own addiction. This allows operators to see the number of games and time that person is spending on a specific game, allowing to issue warnings at all times. A way to combat gambling addiction in a more effective way.

The AI system, in addition to forcing players to take breaks, will alert specialized personnel of such behavior. It will be easier to detect unusual behavior. Analyzing player behavior goes beyond offering them advantages when playing. It is also a way to detect pathological gambling in order to stop it before it becomes irreversible.

If signs of problem gambling are detected, the AI can alert the iGaming operator and/or the player of what is happening. If there is a commitment to responsible gambling, the player should be able to walk away from the game for a period on their own.