A new AI-based copywriting tool can make it easier for casinos to stay on top of the changing market

One of the fundamental aspects of marketing for any company is ensuring a consistent and well-crafted message is delivered to consumers. One of the problems, though, is that the consumer market is constantly in a state of flux as habits and tastes change on a regular basis. The casino industry is highly competitive now, which makes it more important than ever that operators be able to stay on top of the different consumer cycles. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping make that job easier, providing copywriting solutions for marketing teams that are able to automatically produce creative, targeted content to drive traffic.

One company that is specializing in AI-based copywriting is Copysmith, which uses algorithms to self-teach and improve its content solutions. It learns from interactions clients have with the application and can imitate user writing styles, producing content that fits different formats, including Google, Facebook and others. It is capable of engaging with the brand and produce different types of content, from product descriptions, headlines, blog suggestions and SEO metatags, even going further to develop sales emails, blog posts and more.

Some users of Copysmith have discovered that the application can create multiple headlines in just a matter of seconds. Jasmine Wang, who founded the company, asserts, “Whether you’re a bootstrapping start-up or a marketing agency, you know the importance of creating great copy. We’re seeing an inflection point in the ability of natural language processing to communicate clearly and expressively. We want to make these advancements available to all.”

The AI tools don’t replace human casino marketers; they create a symbiosis that allows automatic creation of content that is reviewed by marketers, allowing the professionals to free up resources and concentrate on other areas of the marketing process.