New AI-based solutions allow online casinos better test their servers for exploits

It is now easier than ever for online casino platforms to ensure they have greater security and are less susceptible to attacks. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), new machine learning solutions are able to give hardware security experts enhanced tools to test certain aspects of the operator’s equipment to determine if the servers hold any surprise exploits. This allows online casinos to launch their platforms and any new services sooner, without having to spend an exorbitant amount of time testing prior to launch.

The new machine learning techniques incorporate reinforcement learning to test for exploits on possible SQL injection vulnerabilities. They can run automatically and, because of their link to AI, can easily process thousands of possible variations in minutes. The technology is reportedly just now beginning to develop, which means more tweaking needs to be done, but it is a huge step toward providing more secure platforms for the sensitive gaming community.

Explains Laszlo Erdodi, one of those involved in developing the new machine learning solution, “It’s inevitable that AI and machine learning are also applied in offensive security. We decided to try machine learning for penetration testing and we found RL (reinforcement learning) to be a very promising approach. As expected, it demonstrated that vulnerabilities to SQL injection can easily be exploited with RL.”

SQL injection refers to a security vulnerability that could allow a hacker to confuse server queries made to a database. There have been attacks related to this vulnerability before; however, the new solution blocks the attack logic from reaching its intended target.