Improvements in AI development give iGaming operators more confidence in developing new solutions

APIs are protocols that are a fundamental part of the operation of current applications and websites. The iGaming industry relies heavily on these protocols, and it is no secret that they are prone to attacks. However, their security can be increased thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

APIs are a set of definitions and protocols used for the development and integration of application software. In this way, communication between two software applications is possible through a given set of rules. These communication points are extremely sensitive in an organization and are a critical point in terms of security.

Many online casino operators have implemented API management solutions that provide mechanisms such as authentication and authorization, which are essential to control who accesses APIs and how often. Companies such as ThreatX have unveiled new capabilities designed to strengthen API security in different customer portfolios.

Experts say that to improve traditional API security, “we need AI-based API security that can detect and respond to dynamic attacks targeting the unique vulnerabilities of each API.” This will enable automated threat detection, making decision-making much more agile to deploy countermeasures.

A high volume of false positives will require additional review by security professionals. However, with some advanced AI algorithms, the number of false positives can be reduced.

There is also an inherent lack of confidence in the use of AI in certain contexts. To overcome this challenge, it is necessary to understand how decisions are made at that level, so the use of dashboards and alerts can help users visualize the factors behind a decision.