AI can monitor iGaming data centers better, controlling costs and protecting equipment

The iGaming industry has recently made known the interest and plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to cool their data centers. With this system, iGaming operators have found that machine learning systems could achieve a reduction of up to 40% in the amount of energy used for cooling, a very high figure. The goal is to save energy, as small adjustments can result in significant time and cost savings.

AI has the ability to help organizations in this industry reduce energy and emissions in their data centers by optimizing energy management. One-third of the energy savings can be achieved by cutting power to the data center cooling modules.

Many are aware that the manual management of this system can become an overwhelming process, so most of the energy is lost in cooling rather than producing optimal output. AI-based energy management and machine learning can help optimize heating and cooling systems, reduce electricity costs, reduce labor and increase efficiency.

In addition to reducing data center energy consumption, key benefits of cooling also include its flexibility and scalability, enabling faster deployment with standardized modules. In raised-floor environments, it enables cooling without requiring total infrastructure replacement, while offering a lower total cost of ownership.

We know that technological innovations are constantly developing. The Internet of Things (IoT), AI, virtual reality, cloud, Big Data and mobility will continue to drive the future of high-density data centers. And that as power consumption demands continue to increase in industries such as iGaming, new cooling solutions will be needed to keep facilities and critical infrastructure running at peak capacity.