AI is becoming as common in casinos as chips and cards

The casino industry has begun to recover strongly after the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main factors that have helped bring it back to normalcy in a more innovative way is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI is not new, in recent months, it has started to boom in the betting and gaming sector. The G2E Innovation Lab will host an educational session on October 5 to discuss how casinos are transforming the way they operate, thanks to AI.

Kiran Brahmandam will be in charge of the session. Brahmandam, who has nearly two decades of experience in the gaming industry, is now on a mission to optimize casino operations, increase profitability and improve customer experience through the use of AI. The expert currently works as executive director of Gaming Analytics. “The future of AI for casinos is moving swiftly – it is important for operators to have a plan,” he says.

Many people have come to think that many jobs will be lost with the implementation of AI in casinos; however, Brahmandam explains that this will not be the case, but that there will be a job realignment as a result of AI. “A realignment means career maps will change – employees will spend less time on tedious work and less time behind a computer. Meaning, there will be more time for team-building activities and more time to focus on customers and creating a better guest experience. Operators should start planning for the AI realignment now. Meanwhile, jobs that require creativity and compassion will see increased demand,” he added.

Brahmandam says that many casinos around the world have started to adopt this technology to improve slot room design, as well as serving as a perfect tool to enhance the development of better-targeted marketing campaigns. Brahmandam notes that the advent of AI in the casino equation is exciting and is accelerating rapidly and many more casinos are improving their development with the implementation of this technology.