Operational integrity in the workplace is getting boosted through AI’s capabilities

The digital productivity monitoring tools available today have a wide range of capabilities. They allow employers to record employees’ keystrokes and mouse clicks and track their physical location and use of applications or websites. With the global gaming industry being what it is today, with operations established in many geographic locations at once, being able to properly monitor a workforce is fundamental. Artificial intelligence (AI) is making it easier, giving casino and iGaming operators more ability to ensure workplace integrity.

Depending on which software is chosen, casino operators can receive intermittent screenshots from employees’ computer screens throughout the day, as well as oversight of their work documents, calendar appointments and email correspondence. For example, operators using software from Florida-based user activity monitoring (UAM) provider Teramind are able to track their employees’ keystrokes, file transfers, their audio inputs, their network and the time spent on tasks, as well as on websites and applications.

According to Eli Sutton, VP of global operations at Teramind, the company’s “hybrid monitoring solution” allows companies to optimize workflows, as well as to mitigate the risk of any data leaks or breaches occurring that could cause financial or reputational damage. “When we first came up with Teramind, we initially thought it’d be more professional-style businesses like accounting, law, legal or banking that would really be attracted to this type of software, but we found that any organization where employees essentially work out of an endpoint like a desktop, laptop, Windows server or terminal server can derive benefit,” he says.

Another company similar to Teramind, California-based productivity monitoring software provider Prodoscore, uses AI, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to produce the same results. It can capture and analyze daily activity and data points across business applications and customer relationship management (CRM) to protect both its own assets, as well as the customer.

By tracking these metrics, as well as others, the software can be used to conduct predictive and behavioral analysis, giving managers the ability to understand how productive employees are over time. While the tracking may raise questions about too much intrusion, casino operators have the right and obligation to ensure that their business-provided equipment is being used effectively, efficiently and securely, regardless of where it is located.