From improving the UX to offering strategies, iGaming operators gain insight through AI

Technological advances have significantly influenced all industries around us, including iGaming. As a result, online casinos have evolved over the last few years, with significant transformations in their games and the experience that users are able to have on a daily basis. Although traditional casinos are still very popular, online gaming seems to attract an increasing number of fans. In this sense, artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be one of the safest technologies to opt for.

Over the years, it has been shown that many people prefer to play from home rather than go to traditional casinos. For that reason, iGaming platforms have started to flourish and have gained popularity all over the world.

More and more online casinos are taking advantage of AI to enhance the user experience and make it as realistic as possible. Some operators also have a built-in AI assistant to recommend games to players, offer them tips, evaluate their progress, act as a casino friend, etc.

In addition, gaming companies can use AI to monitor and track users’ gaming behavior to develop intervention strategies against harmful gaming practices. With various AI sensors, online casinos can detect if someone has changed their appearance or is behaving suspiciously.

It is no secret that iGaming users have become quite demanding, so operators need to stay on top of trends and technological innovations that help in customer communication. To this end, many still use AI to further enhance the relationship with the consumer, offering a personalized experience. Various AI-based tools ensure more modern, instantaneous, and effective interactions, differentiating a humanized experience from a robotic service.

And finally, there is the potential that can be harnessed from 5G networks through AI. There is a great need to prioritize the design of real-time experiences in order to effectively deliver a range of products and services.

Automatically, the digital transformation provided by the advent of 5G intensifies the relationship between brand and customer. The relationship between AI and 5G will allow problems to be solved before they even occur.