AI technology is making online gaming safer and more in line with regulators’ demands

The iGaming industry has been studying user behavior patterns and needs for a long time. More and more casino operators are working with software developers to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their gaming platforms to enhance the player experience. At the same time, they know that security is of paramount importance, and that is why they have implemented this solution for instant identification.

Different online casinos still ask players to send several verification documents before making different movements, especially monetary ones. While it may be seen as a common practice in the industry, the level of frustration of some players is raised due to the long delays associated with the verification processes.

As a result, some players end up giving up and gambling their winnings, thinking that the online casino is unlikely to pay them. Thanks to AI, the verification process takes a matter of minutes. Most online casinos that have opted for this technology use automated IDs, which can instantly confirm if you are who you say you are.

Hand in hand, AI makes it possible to quickly identify and root out cheaters. This not only protects gaming operators, but also other users who may have suffered losses due to cheating. All this is to ensure a safe environment.

The AI-based program does this by creating a model of the transactions. It then compares them to what is happening on the website in real time. If the AI detects anything unusual, it verifies the transaction and prevents any fraud from occurring.