Software development by iGaming operators is reaching new heights through AI

Both land-based casinos and online gaming platforms are a clear examples of an industry that has been able to benefit from technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI). The sector has made efforts to find out the possibilities of AI to offer more sophisticated customer service bots or personalized croupiers. Thus, these types of advances are becoming a decisive factor in the evolution of one of the sectors that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years.

Although many do not know it, most Internet users have already been in contact with some form of AI. In online casinos themselves, the uses to which AI is put are more complex and varied. A clear example can be seen in games where customized live dealers provide an unparalleled experience.

Years ago, it was impossible to even think of an online casino game with a live dealer where you can tailor your gaming experience to your desires and needs every time you start a session. With the arrival of AI into the equation, players can now message their live dealer and tell them if they want to play on the floor of a Las Vegas casino, in outer space, or even in a fantasy land full of superheroes.

Thanks to AI, players can choose the environment in which they want to play in a matter of seconds. The dealers will abide by the wishes and make sure that this personalized experience becomes a reality.

On the other hand, AI may also be able to put an end to the illicit behaviors of some workers. Thus, dealers who act unethically disappear, giving way to an autonomous system that is guided by a fixed algorithm.