The gaming ecosystem changes rapidly, and AI is helping operators keep up

The new digital marketing is focused on every touch point of the digital user journey, not just the quality or price of the product for digital commerce. Digital commerce strategies, such as the use of social media, SEO, search, email marketing or content marketing, offer unprecedented levels of analytics, personalization and segmentation. Still, the opportunities offered by large-scale data management are unparalleled. Artificial intelligence (AI) must be harnessed and, in that way, gain competitive advantage and, of course, meet the expectations of customers in the iGaming industry, which is a complex, changing and automated environment.

That is why more and more marketing automation solutions are consolidating in the iGaming market, as well as strategies that base their results on learning from players’ consumption habits to optimize product offerings and maximize the performance of advertising campaigns. This new trend will undoubtedly take hold as time goes by.

Creating dynamic content, tracking quantitative data with predictive analytics, capturing data from social profiles to create lead profiles, integrating with CRM and developing AI-based recommendations are enhanced with AI. Digital marketing automation is evolving rapidly like everything else related to information technology. Online casinos can automate the entry or retrieval of contact data with a marketing automation platform. The time and effort you save can be used to perform other marketing tasks.

Data enables personalized customer experiences through AI, informs creative messaging and allows operators to measure their performance. It’s what drives smart decision-making in marketing, at every level. With AI, it’s possible to strategically segment the database. Segmentation makes you send each contact exactly what they want to see. Your campaigns will be more personalized and effective.