Influencer marketing is getting an upgrade thanks to AI, and the iGaming segment is taking notice

Influencer marketing has become big business around the world. Much of this has been propelled by the necessity for businesses to think digitally because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has been a steady increase in online activity across all sectors. Social media influencers have become a regular fixture in many marketing activities and the iGaming segment has taken notice. As artificial intelligence (AI) is helping create better influencer marketing, online casinos are taking advantage of the increase to give them a boost, as well.

Influencer marketing, according to some reports, is growing by around 15% each year. AI, not a technology that would have previously been associated with this particular marketing segment, has been brought in for the reasons it is helping other activity. AI has unrivaled data collection and analysis capabilities, which make it ideal for any marketing solution. The influencer marketing segment is no exception, making the best out of AI and machine learning to monitor results and performance of campaigns to improve their capabilities.

AI is able to help predict ROI for any business activity through benchmarking and forecasting, which helps influencers make better projections of their goals. The iGaming segment is using this as a tool to help them gain access to new consumers without having to lay out more funds to extend their marketing efforts. As the influencer marketing segment continues to grow, it will become an even larger part of the iGaming segment’s marketing arsenal, giving AI more ability to help casinos improve their operations.