AI is making it easier for casinos to manage many tasks, but it’s not replacing employees

One of the concerns with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) is that it would lead to the loss of jobs as many tasks become automated. While it is true that AI-based robots have been brought in to replace some employees, these are not taking over, particularly in the gaming sector. AI is helping casinos improve business efficiency, but it is also leading to the creation of new jobs to keep things running smoothly.

Studies conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Utrecht University have shown that AI solutions have had a positive impact on employment overall. This is because the AI is used to complement human employees and is only being used to assist them to efficiently complete more tasks. Additionally, as advanced as AI has become, it is still limited in some respects and needs human intervention to be the most effective.

Casinos are relying on AI to facilitate many of their operations, which has led to an improved customer experience in both the retail and online segments. At the heart of the advancements, though, human employees are still able to perform many tasks that AI cannot. The employees have simply been given the opportunity to better focus their efforts on more significant tasks that are able to further the casino’s goals, while AI is taking over the more mundane, repetitive tasks. In the end, this provides a much more robust solution that enhances the operator’s bottom line, as well as increases customer satisfaction.