AI-based customer service solutions allow gaming operators to improve the experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the CX (Customer Experience). It brings new tools that so far seem more efficient for solving problems, saving time and making decisions, but also to deepen the dialogue with customers and recognize emotions, tastes, intentions and preferences. This information allows for projecting future consumption that culminates in a better customer experience. Many operators in the iGaming industry continue to benefit from this solution to make their large list of players feel much more satisfied when visiting their platforms.

AI is a set of systems and machines that seeks to perform tasks that, until a few years ago, only human intelligence could do. This is possible through complex algorithms where data is linked together in the manner of neural networks in the brain.

Big data is an excellent ally for AI and, together with data analytics, is a very interesting set of solutions to store, process, manage and generate information from huge volumes of data. With it, online casinos can personalize touchpoints and interactions, link customers to campaigns that may interest them, avoid irrelevant promotions and project future behavior (what and how much they will buy) based on historical data.

Chatbots continue to evolve gradually, and many iGaming operators are already able to automate more than 40% of their processes. Self-service content recommendations or other useful tips can be tailored to the individual customer journey, creating a stronger connection with the brand.

As customers interact with chatbots and other AI technologies throughout their service journey, those technologies will learn how customers respond and how effectively issues are resolved. This continuous feedback gives the chatbot the opportunity to better support the customer and the CX team, which in turn fosters greater customer satisfaction and ongoing loyalty.