Increased interest in sports gambling is leading to rapid inclusion of AI-based solutions

With the proliferation of global sports gambling, there has been a push to include new, innovative ways to provide gambling options. The advances seen in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) have been able to drive a lot of that growth, leading to the inclusion of sophisticated solutions that can capitalize on the data collection and analysis afforded by the technology. The next few years are going to bring even greater enhancements for the sports gambling community as the technology improves.

AI provides unparalleled capabilities when it comes to aggregating and analyzing large amounts of data. This is giving sportsbooks tremendous power and flexibility to offer new and interesting betting options. It also helps oddsmakers produce improved lines, taking advantage of information such as real-time athlete performance, psychosocial factors, biometrics, location and the thousands of other data points that can be automatically and instantly scrutinized by AI algorithms.

Prior to the in-depth launch of AI in sports, sportsbooks didn’t have access to all the data that could potentially influence a game’s outcome. Now, however, players and gaming equipment are fitted with sensors and monitors that can track the most minute details and feed the information to AI databases. This allows AI solutions to locate hidden or predictive trends that could impact a game, down to a single point scored. This level of data collection is going to bring to the front an entirely new era of sports gambling and can, to a certain degree of accuracy, even predict when a point might be scored before it happens.