AI is now going to be a permanent part of online casino operations

The online gaming ecosystem has advanced substantially over the past several years, and, as it progresses, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more pronounced. This is partly due to the fact that AI has improved tremendously over the past year, but also because of the endless list of benefits the technology can provide. AI is found in all aspects of iGaming and virtual casino operations now and its ability to enhance security is one of the major catalysts for its inclusion.

AI can now provide better safety testing for platforms before they go live, increasing the overall security of the iGaming activity. Software glitches and bugs are regularly found in development, and being able to properly identify and fix these issues quickly is paramount to providing new gaming options that will improve the user experience. A buggy, laggy website will cause an operator to lose users, who fall out over a lack of confidence in the platform.

Incorporating AI into testing also helps to reduce costs, which is always beneficial to smoother, more enhanced operations. AI can run thousands of tests in the time humans would only be able to run a few, making it easy to run through multiple options and offerings in only a matter of seconds. Errors can be instantly located and fixed, and developers can concentrate on creating improved content.

AI is also able to be used in order to test website integrity. It is an integral part of website flooding analysis, which, in turn, can improve security to prevent dedicated denial of service (DDOS) attacks. Often, weaknesses that allow these attacks to take place can’t be identified until after a site goes live; however, AI is rewriting the book and making the back-of-house protection much more robust.