AI can help casinos and gaming operators get better odds in their activity

One of the biggest impacts that artificial intelligence (AI) is having in today’s online gaming industry is the ability to accurately predict people’s behavior. AI, along with data analytics, is giving casinos a more accurate forecast to even the most uncertain events for humans to predict, which brings only benefits to an industry that has long invested time and money in tilting long-term odds in their favor. Casinos and gambling websites are beginning to understand the impact that AI can have when it comes to giving the business a bigger edge in front of the gamblers, whose data is being collected and analyze by AI machines to personalized the experience and coincidentally make players more engaged.

The fact that gambling venues take full advantage of the edge obtained from AI and all the insights it can provide about players, it could potentially throw some gamblers toward excess and addiction. “For youth or players with serious gambling problems, the negative impacts of AI-based marketing and gambling operations can be devastating and even life-threatening,” says Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling. However, unless AI suddenly starts pushing everyone to the edge, it can also be used to identify gambling problems even before they are obvious, just by reading the gambler’s actions and analyze it, so this is a good way to counteract the effect.

Another area where AI is giving casinos an edge comes from the marketing department of a casino. Since AI can track everything that is done, “They know how much you’re in for, how much you play, how long you play, what types of games you like to play,” said Andrew Engel, general manager for gaming at DataRobot, an AI startup. All this data can be used to entice people to spend more by offering a more personalized gambling experience. Each player can be offered what would be more appealing to him or her and AI can even detect which players are most likely to spend big – or lose big – and give them the right incentives to continue.