AI offers casinos the ability to enhance their commercial positions through improved marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be viewed as the “second coming” of software, and casinos are enthusiastically embracing the technology. It has been around for decades, but only recently has it achieved mainstream attention. This has been primarily because of the fact that other technology has caught up with the advanced capabilities of AI, giving companies the opportunity to embrace innovative solutions without having to rewrite themselves. The casino industry continues to inject AI-based options across all operations, and the one area where they have become vital is in commercial growth. That growth is dependent upon a strong advertising model, which AI is able to provide.

Advances in computing power, greater data availability and advanced algorithms give casino operators access to a robust AI solution that can be integrated into their marketing and advertising programs to fuel better potential growth. That solution automatically brings together customer demographics, transaction data, social media traffic and consumer habits to build a more detailed picture of what will drive consumer traffic to a particular site. Combine with that predictive data analytics, made possible only through AI, and casino marketers are able to envision what will subsequently influence retention to keep their platforms running strong.

AI allows marketing campaigns to offer dynamic messages. It finds patterns and analyzes data using massive amounts of data points, creating real-time campaign optimization that can increase conversions. As greater emphasis is placed on digital operations by consumers, the need to offer better digital solutions is paramount to success. AI’s ability to offer automated marketing solutions is making that possible, giving online casinos that embrace the technology an insurmountable edge over the competition.