The online poker platform is using AI to reduce fraud and protect its users

All iGaming operators face the problem of accounts that are aided or assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). However, 888poker claims it has made significant progress in addressing this issue due to investments in fair poker gaming technology, which also makes the most of AI technology. 888poker said in an announcement this week that it will refund players nearly $300,000. It also plans to recover more money from bot accounts than ever before as its AI fraud detection proves skilled at its job.

Bot accounts use software programming to gain an unfair advantage over real-life players. 888poker has strived to increase its detection capabilities and create a level playing field.

888poker also developed its monitoring software and increased the headcount for its fair gaming team. It also hired professional poker players and data scientists to help detect bots and real-time advisors (RTA) alongside its team.

It appears that these efforts have paid off. This year, 888poker has already refunded $80 858 to 1,390 customers. Matan Krakow, 888poker’s Poker Offering Group Manager, reflected on the company’s progress in the announcement and thanked all players for their support.

Krakow stated that 888poker’s continued efforts in combating bots are crucial to ensuring that all players have an enjoyable, safe, and level playing environment.

“This has been driven not only by our increased investment in our detection capabilities but also through the continued support and cooperation of our players, who have an important role to play in helping provide us with vital information about players they think are using AI and RTA,” added Krakow.

He stated that 888poker’s goal is to do everything it can to keep poker fair and fun. This, he explained, is part of the company’s “Made to Play” strategy, which includes listening to players clean up the poker ecosystem.