More access to data and an enhanced relationship with consumers are possible through AI

Innovation in the marketing sector has been at the center of its development with the recent integration of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). A good and effective marketing strategy becomes essential for casino operators who are currently facing massive competition and must fight to maintain and increase their market share. Newly found concepts of machine learning are changing the game for casinos as marketing departments are able to anticipate the next move to deliver a more exciting experience to the customer by engaging them with personalized content.

The future of the casino marketing sector is to embrace technology and adopt AI-based marketing programs to leverage from the large amounts of data already being collected by operators. Having a good marketing strategy can impact operations in other areas, as well, such as return on investment (ROI) with positive revenue figures. Traditionally, marketing campaigns have focused on processing large amounts of data that is being used to determine what can be attractive for potential and current customers, so AI tools can enhance the process of analyzing that data in ways that humans cannot, and at much faster speeds. AI is helping casinos finding hidden insights that have a direct impact on customer behavior, as well as critical data points and recognizing purchaser trends, which are all points where value can be added by delivering content that causes a real impact.

In times during which land-based casinos are struggling with decreased revenues due to the effects of COVID-19, cost reduction in operations is one of the current goals. AI can do that for marketing campaigns, reducing costs in an area of the operation that usually takes a lot of resources, especially for casinos. According to a recent report, a marketing strategy that is based on AI can bring a 37% reduction in costs, and, at the same time, can bring 39% more revenue in the following year.