Cybersecurity is getting better thanks to artificial intelligence

A cybersecurity attack, at the very least, disrupts platform operations for a certain amount of time; at the worst, it takes platforms offline completely for days on end. Online casinos can’t afford to experience downtime, as they immediately begin to lose money and customers. Providing extensive cybersecurity protection is a non-stop job that requires plenty of resources, but casinos are now finding assistance through artificial intelligence (AI).

AI and machine learning are now integral – and important – parts of casino information security. The technology can analyze millions of events simultaneously and identify possible threats, stopping them before they become issues. Whether it be a dedicated denial of service (DDOS) attack or an attempted intrusion to access financial data, AI-based cybersecurity solutions are able to quickly and automatically respond in order to shut down the infiltration in a matter of seconds.

An online casino is more than just a server providing gambling solutions – it is a network of thousands of devices, all of which are possible attack points for intruders. Manual oversight is an impossible task, as it takes too many resources to provide constant monitoring, and it also requires too much time in identifying and analyzing possible threats. AI is able to respond almost instantaneously, greatly improving the platform’s security.

AI is now more dynamic than ever, becoming smarter as more data is processed and analyzed. It is becoming autonomous and is able to reproduce cognitive abilities that help it perform its job better, which leads to better, more secure casino platforms and greater consumer confidence. By monitoring all aspects of the casino’s online solution 24 hours a day, AI is enabling a safer gambling environment with greater uptime and better security to protect both the operator and its users.