AI can help casinos cut F&B costs and improve sanitation

Many areas of a casino operation are starting to embrace the future through the integration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). One of the latest areas in which AI has been making an impact is the food and beverage (F&B) area, where it can be seen how this technology is reshaping even the simplest processes like sorting foods, maintaining health and making sure the facility is in compliance with local and state laws. Kitchens and food service are often a major part of a casino operation, with big buffet services that engage customers for longer periods, but which can also be costly. Therefore, AI is helping operators to run operations in a more efficient manner that ends up reducing some of the costs.

Starting with food sorting, hundreds of hours are being saved thanks to AI-based tools. In the food industry, one of the most time-consuming tasks is to sort foods based on size, shape, or color, to name a few. But AI is starting to automate these processes to not only speed up the process and improve yields – especially important for large casino and hotel resorts – but also to cut the amount of money invested in personnel, as it can help optimizing labor costs.

Another area of casino kitchens favoring AI is tied to health and safety protocols. Violations to health norms need to be identified and corrected as soon as possible to avoid fines or closures. Casinos are making this happen through the installation of AI-enabled cameras that can monitor employees to ensure they wear all the necessary equipment based on safety regulations. Also, AI object recognition can help with automatic safety testing. Additionally, and also very important amid the coronavirus pandemic, AI is helping casinos keep their cooking facilities spotless through the use of sensor systems that are significantly reducing the amount of time that is required to clean every piece of equipment and the facilities in general.