Sports betting integrity platforms are using AI to help uncover questionable betting activity

Insight Tech Services appears to be Sportradar’s new tool that aims to take online sports betting to the next level. This set of independent solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) will serve as an in-house solution for operators in this market to take the next step and provide more reliable and secure services.

Sportradar is looking to complete its managed commercial services (MTS) through Insight Tech Services, featuring risk management, commercial and marketing tools. Sportradar has designed this new program with the objective of enabling operators to improve performance and achieve a more comprehensive understanding of their business and vast customer base with the help of AI.

“In the hyper-competitive betting market, sportsbook operators are under pressure to improve performance and engage more deeply with their customers,” said Paolo Personeni, managing director of managed betting services at Sportradar. The expert added that Sportradar’s impressive depth of betting industry data and market-leading artificial intelligence can be combined to provide operators with sufficient tools to more effectively manage a sportsbook.

Insight Tech Services will be used to enable platforms to engage more directly with bettors, providing a service that is tailored to the interests, needs, and preferences of individual users. As if this were not enough, Insight Tech Services also provides automatic player categorization, opening the way for operators to customize the sports betting experience for their customers on a daily basis.

When it comes to trading, the service generates customized betting odds designed to offer more accurate pricing. It will undoubtedly become a useful tool for sports betting operators to take their level of competition to the top, especially in a market whose demand continues to increase as its legalization expands.