AI is able to more accurately perform certain functions and create better experiences for gamblers

Every person is different and, for one person, things can change from one day to another, which makes human mistakes a part of everyday life. Companies know this, and there is no shame in admitting that humans make mistakes. Now, with the digital age taking over, technology is showing how much those mistakes can cost a company, particularly to a gambling operation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing many opportunities to virtually any industry that is looking into automating some processes that can prevent and correct human mistakes. More than being afraid of AI taking over, companies can use its benefits to take some of the tasks away from humans that are repetitive and invest those paid hours in exploring new ideas coming from the human creative minds.

Machine learning powered by AI is becoming more advanced, with companies like Tesla even developing autopilot features for cars. In the workplace, AI is being used to prevent errors and ensure safety and it is not only for the IT industry. AI is being used in the gambling industry to detect phishing emails, even the most complex ones that look quite authentic. Humans might be easily confused by one of these emails, but an algorithm is trained to recognize when a link seems to be routing the person to a malicious website in a matter of seconds.

Another aspect where AI is helping to decrease human errors is in the customer service area. This is especially important for gambling venues and iGaming companies who are so focused on giving outstanding service to their customers. AI chatbots can be trained to focus on the most challenging issues and the ones customers asked more frequently. If something happens that could bring a rush to the customer service department, having a chatbot taking care of the regular requests will avoid agents getting stressed and perhaps making a mistake.