AI-based security and protection offer safety on several fronts for gaming operators

Infrastructure security is the practice of protecting critical systems and assets against physical and cyber threats. From an IT standpoint, this typically includes hardware and software assets such as end-user devices, data center resources, network systems, and cloud resources. Companies in the gaming market depend on their technology assets to continue operating, so protecting the technology infrastructure is also protecting the organization itself. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has come to improve this entire process.

Protected data and intellectual property provide significant competitive advantages to a number of casinos and gaming operators when competing in the marketplace, so any loss or interruption in access to this information can have an extremely negative impact on a company’s profitability. Common elements of physical protection include access control and AI-based surveillance systems.

To protect their digital perimeter, gaming companies implement different AI solutions such as firewalls, penetration testing, network monitoring, virtual private networks (VPN) and encryption technologies. To safeguard business continuity, having an AI-based strategy that implements physical and cyber security across all key systems and assets, including those on the edge and in the cloud, is a fundamental requirement for operating in a digitally connected world.

AI significantly supports physical security, employing deep learning and analytics technologies that enable visitor management, physical access controls, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and increased perception of security for people. AI and machine learning use vision intelligence to reduce unauthorized access by 95%. The operational efficiencies that AI has brought to video monitoring processes have also been very impressive.

In the coming years, it is anticipated that many security professionals will begin to rely on AI deep learning camera systems to be the source of alerts. Many gaming operators are prepared for the future and to meet the security needs of their clients and offices, always keeping in mind to deliver on time and quality, but most importantly to meet and exceed expectations.