AI is making it easier for iGaming operators to advertise and also increases its effectiveness

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in advertising programs is redefining the iGaming industry today. AI enables marketers to leverage real-time customer data and deliver ultra-personalized, highly relevant customer experiences across channels and devices, at scale. Simply put, AI-driven personalization is the key to maintaining high engagement with your customers and driving greater value from all advertising-related campaigns.

AI-based advertising serves to make automated decisions based on audience data. AI in media marketing leverages customer data and machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve their path to purchase. Whether your advertising strategy includes email automation, paid ads, social media targeting or chatbots, AI will certainly add extra value.

With the growing presence of virtual worlds, this advertising strategy will only continue to expand, and quickly. Customers in the iGaming world will soon begin to expect more augmented reality experiences from brands that go beyond a helpful chatbot. In fact, 84% of business executives believe they need to use AI to achieve their growth objectives.

A good use of AI in advertising is through the creation of segmented, interactive material for the target audience. Or, what amounts to the same thing, content marketing. This type of marketing works well with AI, because AI allows online casinos to learn users’ preferences and create personalized information based on their interests, tastes and special needs.

AI facilitates content personalization, a current need of users. People are tired of generic advertising on social networks, so this special technology was developed that allows the content that appears on users’ networks to depend on the behaviors, attitudes and preferences they show on these platforms.