As the iGaming industry continues to expand, developers are keeping up thanks to artificial intelligence

The iGaming industry is seeing unprecedented growth this year. The industry is now valued at around $45 billion, almost one-third more than it was last year, and expansion doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The industry is becoming more crowded, which means there’s more competition and the need for faster innovation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is providing support for that innovation, giving online casino developers tools that can help them produce solutions faster than ever.

AI can make development easier even before developers get involved. It can identify and analyze player patterns to determine what works and what doesn’t, making quick decisions that are then used by developers to create new content. This allows updated offerings to be rolled out quicker, ensuring gamblers aren’t presented with stale content while helping operators provide more competitive solutions.

AI is also helping developers reduce mistakes. What can take the human eye countless hours to review can be done in a matter of seconds by AI, allowing debugging and code verification to occur almost instantaneously. This, too, allows casino operators to push out new content quicker after ensuring that it is accurate and error-free.

Lastly, gambling solutions created today have to be made for both desktop and mobile devices. Previously, this could only be accomplished by implementing two versions of the same game, which meant twice as much development.

However, AI is able to understand the differences in the two formats and is facilitating the writing of code in order to produce a single solution that is ready for use on virtually any device.