Effective AI creativity enhances marketing efforts and targets individual consumers

Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) develops computer systems that simulate the cognitive abilities of people, which are used to solve tasks quickly and accurately. In the field of business, various sectors have implemented this technological tool to obtain endless benefits when carrying out their activities. A clear example of this is the iGaming industry, where many operators use AI to take their marketing campaigns to the next level.

AI is moving beyond pure data analysis. Its evolution is rapidly moving towards data generation, as science redefines the ability of machines to make better decisions. The experience of large online casinos shows that the application of this technology tends to significantly increase the ROI of actions.

Different iGaming operators use AI to show only relevant products and/or services to players, based on previous searches, purchases and visits. This increases the likelihood that a player will make an initial purchase or become a repeat customer based on those suggestions. These types of functionalities work by processing large volumes of information in real-time and thus allow you to optimize your email flows.

Creating quality content is difficult and time-consuming. But AI can train engines to deliver engaging and highly personalized content, optimized for conversion. This is because they can learn from users’ preferences and generate material according to their tastes, interests, and interactions.

AI can determine the optimal mix of different types of content and thus reduce the time and resources needed to create your campaigns. In addition, it could deliver a unique experience to each user, thus increasing all email marketing metrics.

With the emergence of the streamlining and complexity of AI engines, different platforms have emerged that help the work of the marketing professional. Mainly by analyzing and executing actions as a result of the large collection of information from different channels.