The ability to secure online operations at all times is paramount to the success of iGaming operators

We can say that talking about cybersecurity in the iGaming industry is already a common topic among staff and managers of online casinos, and it is essential to have the right technology to prevent cyberattacks, as well as to be able to deal with them in case they happen. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has been essential to avoid any type of threat movement, regardless of how fast it may be. Therefore, online casinos and their users can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the information is not so prone to be compromised.

The advantage is that AI has the ability to synthesize the collective knowledge of IT teams and the latest threat intelligence from global cybersecurity analysts. With this information, automated procedures can be created that greatly help reduce the risk of cyberattacks that prove to be tedious, with monetary and even player losses. Network management is streamlined by AI as it assumes responsibility for many routine operations.

In the case of fast-moving threats, such as zero-day exploits and ransomware, there are not many human tasks that are capable of predicting them, but by implementing this amazing technology, any anomalous activity can be detected, affected network assets isolated, and the spread of the malware stopped before any relevant damage is done, practically in a real-time action and without the need for manual intervention.

Because AI analyzes and learns data more efficiently and accurately than any computer, it has become an ally in many areas of any online casino, and IT should be no exception. Gaming operators with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, governed by best practices and automated through advanced analytics, can combat cyber threats more effectively, reducing the lifecycle and impact of breaches when they occur.