AI-based technology and real-time analytics are producing a better sports gambling market

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, their advancements in the sports industry are sometimes overlooked, except by sports enthusiasts. AI is rewriting the sports experience as sports gambling becomes more prominent and, in the NFL, NHL, NBA and more, AI is creating a digital world for athletes, teams, leagues and fans with real-time statistics. One company is looking to improve the sports experience even more with artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV). OSAI is a company that offers state-of-the-art real-time in-gaming data, analytics and mixed-reality sports technology solutions. It is pioneering the industry with AI and other disruptive technologies, along with advanced integrated tools and security, to redesign how sports fans interact with sports and sports gambling.

OSAI’s sports technology provides detailed insights that benefit the sports businesses, as well as improves players’ performance. It also assists coaches in making better decisions and in formulating better competitive strategies. The company’s data-gathering solutions improve gameplay, which, in turn, provides more insight into sports events that can be used to enhance sports gambling.

The technology combines computer vision and machine learning algorithms to deliver real-time data on the players, the ball, the field and the referees. Under certain circumstances, it can be used as a virtual referee to provide updates on scores, as well. OSAI’s stats and analysis can be integrated with any viewing device, including live TV, in-browser streaming and social network content.

When it made its debut during the Russia National Table Tennis Championship 2020 in Moscow, OSAI’s AI technology showed its potential in collecting valuable data, presenting insights and providing score updates in real-time. The data was automatically delivered to video replays of the highlighted moments using a real-time GPU-accelerated neural networks pipeline. By incorporating OSAI’s sports technology, sportsbooks can eliminate the need for a human scout. The technology transfers more data faster than a scout, which provides new avenues for odds and wagers.