AI can have a number of benefits to improve gaming operators’ email marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to marketing can serve to offer a better quality of service and achieve greater engagement from individuals who have already interacted with the iGaming industry today. Without a doubt, AI is the most significant advancement in technology since the advent of the Internet and many online casinos and operators are taking advantage of access to it to improve the quality of their marketing.

It is well known that digital marketing is no stranger to the benefits of AI. When people use social networks or play a game of chance online, a large amount of personal and behavioral data is generated. Its processing and analysis open the door to new applications of AI in digital marketing. For example, the advertising that is seen today in online casinos and any other platform is ceasing to be massive and intrusive to become programmatic advertising.
Big Data algorithms make it possible for the ads that are now shared to be related to the behavior of players every time they browse a gambling site. On the other hand, decision-making is no longer based on intuition. Thanks to AI predictive analytics based on player interactions, it is possible to foresee future user behavior.

The main example of personalized interaction in digital marketing can be found in chatbots. Increasingly used to offer a high level of customer service, nowadays it is sought that robots are able to offer empathetic responses to provide a more human and satisfactory service and this makes online casino players feel more comfortable with the service received, even when it was not performed by a human being.