Calculating the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is magnitudes easier with AI

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more to support marketing processes. It is gaining followers because it makes work easier, and AI-based tools are very efficient, so much so that they can do many tasks more efficiently than experts. Beyond that, iGaming operators have been using this technology to measure the effectiveness of all their marketing campaigns.

AI is an innovation that performs data processing in automatic format and without human intervention, making it possible to develop new marketing programs while measuring their effectiveness. For example, AI can capture the tastes and needs of customers, making it easy to create personalized content and products for each individual. Once the campaign is launched, the AI has the ability to evaluate and compare the results and see how effective it is over its lifetime.

AI is a key tool when it comes to the knowledge of the average player in the iGaming industry. Through this instrument, specific content can be offered for each typology, which leads to the creation and analysis of new strategies.

By means of personalized campaigns, a favorable customer experience can be created, which is fundamental to ensure a second purchase or visit to an online casino platform in the future. AI-based tools can help marketers develop more effective advertising strategies based on audience interaction data. The result is a framework that helps marketers compare different advertising approaches and discover the most effective one before the campaign begins.